Arisa Ichigaya

VA. Ayasa Ito



HS Sophomore

HS Freshman


October 27

Star Sign


Favorite Food

Anmitsu, brown rice, hard-boiled egg

Least Favorite Food

Anything with leeks


Bonsai trees, browsing the internet

Arisa's grandmother runs the pawn shop Ryuseido. She was an indoor girl until she joined the band and started making friends. Now she is part of the student council at Hanasakigawa. Her tongue is still sharp when talking to Kasumi, but sometimes, she shows her true feelings.

Arisa's grandparents run the pawn shop Ryuseido. She is very much an indoor girl who likes taking care of her bonsai trees and looking at stuff online. She does not go out much, but is incredibly smart and gets very good grades at school. Her sharp tongue causes her and Kasumi to butt heads quite a bit. She used to take piano lessons, but since quit.

Season 2

Season 1