Saya Yamabuki

VA. Ayaka Ohashi



HS Sophomore

HS Freshman


May 19

Star Sign


Favorite Food

Spaghetti with garlic and chilli pepper, cheese

Least Favorite Food

Raw seafood


Karaoke, watching baseball, collecting hair accessories

On top of her high-school studies, she also helps out at her family business, Yamabuki Bakery, located downtown. Her calm personality serves as an emotional pillar for Poppin'Party. She still gets along with the members of her previous band.

Saya made friends with Kasumi at their school entrance ceremony and the two have eaten lunch together every day since. A kind-hearted soul, she always tries to be a good friend to Kasumi. On top of her high school studies, she also helps out at the family business, Yamabuki Bakery. She has a much younger brother and sister. She was in a girls band in middle school, but now...

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