Kasumi Toyama

VA. Aimi



HS Sophomore

HS Freshman


July 14

Star Sign


Favorite Food

French fries, white rice

Least Favorite Food

Natto(fermented soybeans)


Karaoke, going on adventures, trying new things

As guitarist and vocalist for Poppin'Party, she brims with energy and positivity. Because she is highly intuitive, she constantly finds sparkling and heart-pounding inspirations to make into songs. She is not afraid to communicate and is always surrounded by friends.

A first-year high school student at Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy. Active and optimistic, she is always looking for a sparkling, heart-pounding sound. She has wanted to start a girl band ever since she laid eyes on her red, starry guitar. Her sister is a year younger than her, but sometimes it is hard to tell who is the older of the two.

Season 2

Season 1