Tae Hanazono

VA Sae Otsuka



HS Sophomore

HS Freshman


December 4

Star Sign


Favorite Food

Hamburger steak, red-bean soup, basically anything!

Least Favorite Food

None!(Nothing too weird, though...)


Running(no marathons), working with clay, taking long baths

A skilled guitarist who started playing as a kid. Before joining the band, she spent a lot of time on her own. After being overwhelmed by the enjoyment of performing with others, she joined Poppin'Party. She takes things at her own pace and has somewhat of an airheaded personality.

A skilled guitarist who has been playing since she was very young. She loves music and works part-time at the live house, the money from which she saved up to buy her blue guitar. She tends to take things at her own pace, but can be very surprising at times. She lives with her mother, father, and 20 rabbits.

Season 2

Season 1