Regarding Version Update Issues for BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! English Version

A Message from the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! EN Team


Dear Players,

Thank you for your constant support of "BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!".


As announced previously, there has been a rearrangement of the event schedule due to inconsistent versions.
We apologize for the provided experience that has differed from the community's expectations with regards to the event schedule.

As of now, we intend to implement a version update by the end of June, which will allow us to begin reinserting the skipped events into the schedule.
There will continue to be adjustments to the schedule so as to avoid consecutive Limited Gachas to the best of our abilities, which we believe would improve the player experience.

We hope to be back to following the event order of the Japanese version from October onwards.


Many players have also been looking forward heavily to the addition of MyGO!!!!!, which we are delighted to confirm is coming, but not within the month of June. We hope everyone can keep their anticipation for just a while longer, as we await the chance to welcome these new members into the game.


Please find the event schedule for June below:
6/5 ~ 6/13: On This Holy Night, an Aria Glows
6/15 ~ 6/23: Let Our Songs Echo! Happy Lucky Musical!
6/25 ~ 7/3: The New Year's Arrival! Furisode Journey!
*Event schedules are subject to change.


Thank you all once again for your continuous support, and we hope you continue to enjoy playing BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!