Exclusive Crossover with hololive production & 5th Anniversary Celebration

Thank you for playing BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!

We're celebrating the 5th Anniversary of our Global Version, and would like to express our greatest thanks to all of you for supporting the English version! A variety of celebration campaigns have started throughout April and will be ongoing until May 5th.


Collaboration with hololive production also returns on April 15, this time with another popular talent IRyS. The collab contents will be exclusive in the English version.


BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! x hololive production Collaboration Campaigns

The collaboration features a Collab Celebration Login Campaign and Missions for players to obtain exclusive contents including Collab Member Stamps, Boost Drink “Drink of Hope”, Player Titles, etc. A special live stream by the hololive production talent will also take place. Besides, an original song of IRyS will be added to the game, available only during the collab period. It’s the first song from hololive production added exclusively in the English version.


Live Streaming with hololive production talent IRyS!

To celebrate the collab with hololive production, a collaborative live streaming will be held by IRyS on Apr. 29, while the other collab campaigns kick off as early as from Apr. 15. Fans from around the world will be able to watch IRyS play the game and interact during the 1-hour stream.


Live Streaming with IRyS
Live Stream: Apr. 29 UTC 02:00 (Apr. 29 PST 17:00) ~ Apr. 29 UTC 03:00 (Apr. 29 PST 18:00) (subject to change.)


IRyS’s Original Song “See the world” Added to English Version!

A new original song “See the world” from IRyS has been added in the English version of the game and will be playable during the collab period until May 5th. Players can claim the song for free from the in-game Gift Box and can surely experience the power of the music through IRyS’s clear voice and her lyrics of hope.


♫ See the world
Playable Period: Apr. 15 UTC 08:00 (Apr. 15 PDT 01:00) ~ May. 5 UTC 07:59 (May. 5 PDT 00:59)



Collab Celebration 10-Day Login Campaign

By logging into the game from Apr. 15 8:00 UTC, all players will be able to claim a variety of Limited Items including the Collab Boost Drink “Drink of Hope” (Recovers 10 Live Boosts), Player Frame and a total of 1500 Stars! Also, to commemorate, a Stamp Set of 5 Roselia Members dressing in the style of IRyS will be given on Day 3 of login.


Daily Login Bonus Gifts
Day 1: Collab Boost Drink “Drink of Hope” x1
Day 2: Stars x 300
Day 3: Collab Stamps Set (Roselia)
Day 4: Stars x 300
Day 5: IRyS Collab Player Frame x1
Day 6: Stars x 300
Day 7: Collab Boost Drink “Drink of Hope” x1
Day 8: Stars x 300
Day 9: Stars x 300
Day 10: Collab Boost Drink “Drink of Hope” x1


“hololive production Collab Login Campaign”
Login Period: Apr. 15 UTC 08:00 (Apr. 15 PDT 01:00) ~ May. 5 UTC 07:59 (May. 5 PDT 00:59)


Special Missions with More Limited Collab Items!

Time-limited Missions will appear during the collab and players may complete them all to receive more IRyS Collab Limited Rewards such as Player Titles “IRyStocrat” and “See the world”. In addition, Stars, Coins, and the Collab Pins Set of Roselia Members are also available by playing the Collab Song multiple times.


"hololive production Collab Missions"
Mission Period: Apr. 15 UTC 08:00 (Apr. 15 PDT 01:00) ~ May. 5 UTC 07:59 (May. 5 PDT 00:59)



More with Girls Band Party!’s 5th Anniversary Campaigns

In the meantime, the game is having a series of Anniversary Campaigns of the English version, including the grand Celebration Gift, FREE 10 Play a Day Gacha, Anniversary Step Up Gacha, Sale Bundles etc., bringing players with more in-game benefits and exclusive contents.


5th Anniversary Celebration Gift (Stars x 5000 & Tone Crystals x 100)
Login Period: Apr. 2 UTC 08:00 (Apr. 2 PDT 01:00) ~ Apr. 19 UTC 07:59 (Apr. 19 PDT 00:59)


Players are also offered with free 10 plays daily and up to 50 free plays until May 5th. Make sure to log in and get them all before the celebratory gacha campaign ends.


5th Anniversary Celebration FREE 10 PLAY a Day Gacha
Gacha Period: Apr. 10 UTC 08:00 (Apr. 10 PDT 01:00) ~ May. 5 UTC 07:59 (May. 5 PDT 00:59)


The English version is also introducing a total of 7 Band Step Up Gachas, where players are able to obtain extra Bonus Items including Anniversary Limited Stamps of each Band, as well as the Special Boost Drink “5th Anniversary Cake”, both of which are exclusive in the English version.


5th Anniversary Celebration Step Up Gacha
Sale Period: Apr. 15 UTC 08:00 (Apr. 15 PDT 01:00) ~ May. 5 UTC 07:59 (May. 5 PDT 00:59)


Players may also visit BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!’s official social media platforms to join the Share Campaign (until Apr. 20) to get free Stars and stand a chance to win Stars x 5,000 or even an autograph by the Band Members.


Official Facebook Page
Official Twitter Page
Official Instagram Page


5th Anniversary Celebration Special Contents "Band life with..." are also being released in the month of April on the above social media pages and YouTube.


For more details and updates, check out in the game and follow our social media pages🎶

We hope you continue to enjoy playing BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!