Graduation events are now taking place until the Mega Update!

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! (English Version) has announced its long-awaited Mega Update scheduled on December 15, 2023, and various new features and the Story Season 3 will be available after the update.


Before the Mega Update and the new story season, special graduation events will take place at Hanasakigawa and Haneoka, as some of the girls will be graduating from high school! Join us for the limited events and more as the stories of the graduating members unfold.


Graduation Commemorative Campaigns

The graduation campaigns include special Story Events, Gacha, Mission and songs etc., and the graduating girls will appear as Limited Edition Members during the events for players to obtain as well. Be sure to check out all the contents before they end.


Graduation Event Part 1 & Part 2 will take place!

There will be Part 1 and Part 2 for the Graduation Event, with Part 1 taking place from November 19, and Part 2 from December 2.

By earning the Event Points from the Lives, players are able to get the graduation-themed Limited ★4 Members, as well as other prizes including Stars.


Graduation Event Part 1 “Graduation ~Clear Blue March Skies~”
Period: Nov. 19 UTC 01:00 (Nov. 18 PST 17:00) ~ Nov. 30 UTC 06:59 (Nov. 29 PST 22:59)


Limited Member Rewards
★4 Chisato Shirasagi [Graduation]


★4 Lisa Imai [Graduation]


Graduation Event Part 2 “Graduation ~To the Future~”
Period: Dec. 2 UTC 01:00 (Dec. 1 PST 17:00) ~ Dec. 14 UTC 06:59 (Dec. 13 PST 22:59)


More news about Event Part 2 will be available soon!


Special Gacha with Limited Edition Members

In the meantime, two special Gacha Events will be appearing respectively for Part 1 and Part 2. The first gacha features Limited ★4 Sayo, ★4 Kanon and ★4 Aya, while the other includes ★4 Rinko, ★4 Hina and ★4 Maya.


Graduation Limited "Precious Memories of These 3 Years Gacha"

Gacha Period: Nov. 19 UTC 01:00 (Nov. 18 PST 17:00) ~ Dec. 2 UTC 00:59 (Dec. 1 PST 16:59)


★4 Sayo Hikawa [Graduation]


★4 Kanon Matsubara [Graduation]


★4 Aya Maruyama [Graduation]


In addition, players will be able to receive special Player Titles by reading the Memorial Episodes of each of the above Limited Edition Members.


Graduation Limited "Youthful Days of Fluttering Sakura Gacha"

Gacha Period: Dec. 2 UTC 01:00 (Dec. 1 PST 17:00) ~ Dec. 16 UTC 00:59 (Dec. 15 PST 16:59)


More news about "Youthful Days of Fluttering Sakura Gacha" will be available soon!


New Songs Featuring the Graduating Members

Two new songs featuring the graduating members will be added to the game respectively from Nov. 19 and Dec. 2. Players may purchase the cover song "YELL" with Tone Crystals from the Music Shop at CiRCLE! The other new song, "See you! ~To Each of Our Tomorrows~" will be an original one and can be received from the in-game Gift Box from Dec. 2.


Performed by Hina × Chisato × Maya × Yukina × Sayo × Lisa × Rinko × Kaoru × Kanon


♫ See you! ~To Each of Our Tomorrows~
Performed by Hina × Chisato × Maya × Yukina × Sayo × Lisa × Rinko × Kaoru × Kanon


Besides, the PV for the song "See you! ~To Each of Our Tomorrows~" with English subtitles will be released soon as well.


Celebration Gift of School Uniform Costumes

All players will be able to receive the school uniform costume for all the members (see the notes below) from November 8, 8:00 UTC.



※The outfits will be readily available in Costumes.
※LAYER's outfit will be regular clothing.
※Michelle will not receive an outfit.
※Misaki Okusawa's school uniform will be available after the Mega Update.


The background of Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy and Haneoka Girls' Academy in the game will be different and there will be special dialogues available during the Graduation Events as well.


On the other hand, special campaign is also being held as part of the celebration on the official social media for a limited time, so don't forget to check that out and stand a chance to get more!


We hope you enjoy the special contents and stories of the girls graduating from the high school and starting their new journey. Story Season 3 and more exciting features will be upcoming after the Mega Update on December 15!


Stay tuned!