BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! is bringing to the global version the collaboration campaigns with ZOMBIE LAND SAGA REVENGE, the popular Japanese original anime TV series (2021).
BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! x ZOMBIE LAND SAGA REVENGE Collaboration Campaigns
Starting from May 19, a series of collaboration campaigns including the Live Goals Event, Collab Member Gacha, Login Campaigns and more will be held in the game for players to obtain collaboration limited contents. Also, various campaigns will appear to celebrate the collaboration.


■ Collab Event “This Is Our Idol SAGA!”
Through the collaboration Live Goals Event “This Is Our Idol SAGA!”, players will be able to obtain the collab limited Pastel*Palettes members including ★3 Eve and ★3 Maya. The character Kotaro from ZOMBIE LAND SAGA REVENGE will also make his appearance in the Event Story, adding more vibrance and humor as well-received in the anime series.
Event Period: May 19 UTC 01:00 (May 18 PDT 18:00) ~ May 25 UTC 06:59 (May 24 PDT 23:59)

★3 Eve Wakamiya [Samurai Zombie] (After Training)

★3 Maya Yamato [Fuhehe Zombie] (After Training)

Besides, by collecting the “Polka-dot Ribbons” from playing Lives during the event, players may exchange for Limited Collab Pins!

Special Collab Missions will also appear and various rewards for completing the missions include Limited Collab Costume “Adabana Schoolgirl” (in motif of ZOMBIE LAND SAGA’s Sakura Minamoto). Collab Titles, Saga Squid Tentacles (recovers 10 Live Boosts) & more!


■ Collaboration limited “Rise! Sparkling Soul Gacha”
Collab limited gacha campaign “Rise! Sparkling Soul Gacha” has also started and players have a higher chance of acquiring the collab limited members!
Gacha Period: May 19 UTC 01:00 (May 18 PDT 18:00) ~ May 27 UTC 00:59 (May 26 PDT 17:59)

★4 Aya Maruyama [Fluffy Pink Zombie] (After Training)

★4 Chisato Shirasagi [Professional Zombie] (After Training)

★3 Hina Hikawa [Boppin' Zombie♪] (After Training)

In the meantime, “Rise! Sparkling Soul Limited Collab Member Guaranteed 10 Play Gacha” will also appear during the collaboration with a Limited Collab Member guaranteed.
Gacha Period: May 19 UTC 01:00 (May 18 PDT 18:00) ~ May 27 UTC 00:59 (May 26 PDT 17:59)


■ Cover Songs from “ZOMBIE LAND SAGA” Added!
Two popular opening theme songs respectively from the first and second seasons of the anime franchise will be covered and added to the game from May 19, 1:00 UTC, and players may purchase them from the Music Shop at CiRCLE.
♫ Adabana Necromancy

♫ Taiga yo Tomo ni Naite Kure


■ Collab Celebration Login Campaign
To celebrate the collaboration, special login campaign will take place for players to receive collab limited boost item “Saga Mini-Squid Tentacles” and Character Skill Tickets.
Collab Celebration Login Campaign
Login Period: May 19 UTC 08:00 (May 19 PDT 01:00) ~ May 29 UTC 07:59 (May 29 PDT 00:59)

In addition, Collab Limited Stamps of all Pastel*Palettes members will be distributed as present upon login from May 19, 8:00 UTC! Players may be able to see these Collab Stamps change by using them during the duration of the collaboration. Special voice lines of Pastel*Palettes members will be heard daily as well! Also, do not miss out on another celebration gift of Stars x 2500 and Tone Crystals x 50!
Limited Collab Stamp x 5 Set
Login Period: May 19 UTC 08:00 (May 19 PDT 01:00) ~ May 27 UTC 07:59 (May 27 PDT 00:59)


■ Collab Celebration New ★4 Member Guaranteed Gacha
By playing the one-time only “New ★4 Member Guaranteed Gacha” with 2500 Paid Stars, players will be guaranteed to obtain a ★4 member that they do not own yet! More details are indicated within the game.
Collab Celebration New ★4 Member Guaranteed Gacha
Gacha Period: May 21 UTC 01:00 (May 20 PDT 18:00) ~ Jun 4 UTC 00:59 (Jun 3 PDT 17:59)

Of course, the must-have Collab Celebration Happy Box and Special Star Campaign will be available during the collaboration for players to purchase with more benefits than usual.
Collab Celebration Happy Box
Included Items: 810 Paid Stars and up to 1400 Free Stars, plus Collab Limited “Saga Squid Tentacles” x 1
Sale Period: May 19 UTC 01:00 (May 18 PDT 18:00) ~ May 27 UTC 00:59 (May 26 PDT 17:59)

Collab Celebration Special Star Campaign
Sale Period: May 19 UTC 01:00 (May 18 PDT 18:00) ~ May 27 UTC 00:59 (May 26 PDT 17:59)

The official social media of BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! is having special campaigns in celebration of the collab to give away additional Collab Limited “Saga Mini-Squid Tentacles” and Free Stars. Check out before these limited events come to an end!

Finally, to celebrate the collaboration with ZOMBIE LAND SAGA REVENGE, we’ve prepared the Collab Limited Wallpapers for PC & Mobile, free for download!

PC (1920 x 1080)

Mobile (1125 x 2436)

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※Please refrain from using the above images in any way that may deteriorate the branding of the application or any party.
※The availability of the above files may be subject to changes without prior notice.
“ZOMBIE LAND SAGA” is a TV anime of a brand-new zombie idol genre that tells the story of the 7 legendary girls from the local idol group “Franchouchou” struggling to save Saga Prefecture, after they were brought back to life as zombies by the mysterious idol producer Kotaro Tatsumi. The TV anime aired from October-December 2018 and became a hit, bringing in many fan visitors to Saga Prefecture, the real-life location based in the story.
The sequel to the anime, “ZOMBIE LAND SAGA REVENGE”, aired from April-June 2021, and its spinoff series “ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Gaiden: The First Zombie” (Manga by Kasumi Fukagawa) is currently running in Ultra Jump magazine.
In the LIVE event “ZOMBIE LAND SAGA LIVE -FranChouChou Saga yo tomoni waite kure” featuring the cast of Franchouchou held in October 2021, an announcement for its movie was made, and the series continues to draw the audience’s attention.