Countdown Campaigns for the 4th Anniversary!

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! (global version), the mobile rhythm game released in Spring 2018 on Android and iOS, is in its 4th year thanks to all of our fans and supporters, and will be launching a series of countdown campaigns for the upcoming anniversary festival.


While the 4th Anniversary celebration itself starts from Apr 15, players will be treated to a number of countdown campaigns from Apr 8, including time-limited gacha, a special login campaign and more!


■ Girls Band Life! 3 Gacha Back for a Limited Time!
The limited “Girls Band Life! 3 Gacha” available during the 3rd anniversary in 2021 and its Special Set 10 Play Gacha will re-appear in celebration of the 4th year. Featured gacha members include ★4 Rimi, ★4 Lisa and ★3 Hagumi!
Gacha Period: Apr 8 UTC 01:00 (Apr 7 PDT 18:00) ~ Apr 15 UTC 00:59 (Apr 14 PDT 17:59)


★4 Rimi Ushigome [Flourishing Feelings] (After Training)


★4 Lisa Imai [Cheers from Behind] (After Training)


■ 4th Anniversary Countdown Login Campaign
From Apr 8 to Apr 15, players will be able to receive up to 350 Stars by logging into the game during the countdown campaign.
Login Period: Apr 8 UTC 08:00 (Apr 8 PDT 01:00) ~ Apr 15 UTC 07:59 (Apr 15 PDT 00:59)


■ 4th Anniversary Limited ★4 Miracle Ticket Set Gacha
★4 Miracle Ticket Set Gacha will also be available as part of the countdown campaigns from Apr 8. Players may use 2500 Paid Stars for 10 plays with one ★3 member guaranteed, and receive a ★4 Miracle Ticket which allows players to choose one ★4 member. Check out more in the gacha details in the game.
Gacha Period: Apr 8 UTC 01:00 (Apr 7 PDT 18:00) ~ May 7 UTC 00:59 (May 6 PDT 17:59)


■ 4th Anniversary Special Missions
Special missions will appear during the countdown period for players to complete and receive Band Skill Tickets for each band!
Mission Period: Apr 8 UTC 08:00 (Apr 8 PDT 01:00) ~ Apr 15 UTC 07:59 (Apr 15 PDT 00:59)


■ 4th Anniversary Share Campaign on Social Media
More free Stars will be given away in the Share Campaign on the official social media. Participants will be required to share the campaign post during the period with their anniversary messages, and register their participation in the provided form. Lucky winners will be also randomly selected from the participants to get extra 4000 Stars as the prize!
Social Media Campaign: Apr 8 UTC 08:00 (Apr 8 PDT 01:00) ~ Apr 18 UTC 07:59 (Apr 18 PDT 00:59)


Besides the above, commemorative countdown videos for each band will be released every day during the countdown.

【4th Anniversary Movie】 Part 1 ~ RAISE A SUILEN Version~

【4th Anniversary Movie】 Part 2 ~ Morfonica Version~

【4th Anniversary Movie】 Part 3 ~ Hello, Happy World! Version~

【4th Anniversary Movie】 Part 4 ~ Roselia Version~

【4th Anniversary Movie】 Part 5 ~ Pastel*Palettes Version~

【4th Anniversary Movie】 Part 6 ~ Afterglow Version~

【4th Anniversary Movie】 Part 7 ~ Poppin'Party Version~

4th Anniversary Celebration Movie

Do check out the social media and YouTube channel and celebrate with us! BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! will be bringing more contents as the 4th anniversary starts on Apr 15, so stay tuned!