Special events lined up at CharaExpo USA 2019!

Earlier last week, Bushiroad held the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! and Revue Starlight Re LIVE Special Panel during Anime Expo 2019


And yes! BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! will be attending CharaExpo USA 2019 and exciting events are lined up for our dear fans!



Special Guest

Aimi voice of Kasumi Toyama from Poppin’Party will be returning to CharaExpo USA 2019!
More details will be up soon, so stay tune!



Special Exhibit

Garusuta Festival is coming to the USA!!!!
We will be featuring portions of attractions and exhibitions that were very popular in Japan!
*Garusuta Festival is a special event for fans of Girls Band Party! and Revue Starlight Re LIVE.



CharaExpo USA 2019 will be held on 7th - 8th Decemeber 2019. Early bird tickets are now out on sales at official stores and online. For more information, check our our ticketing page here.